About Us



Regen Global Pty Ltd has recently changed names from The Storage & Materials Hanlding Group of Companies Pty Ltd. The name change is a Better reflecton of the core ideals and vision of the stakeholders within the business. As the name suggests – the focus of the business is to recycle all products within the market which do NOT require recycling to raw materials and reproducton.


Contnues to be a major provider of storage and materials handling equipment into the natonal market. Regen specialises in every type of business from the smallest to the largest when it comes to makegoods, relocatons, tradeins and new fitouts. Our model focusses on the re-utilsation of existng equipment where possible and if no the supply of recycled code compliant equipment to satsfy the client requirement. Regen specialises in make goods for companies vacating an existng site or relocating to another. Our specialist team will design your requirement providing a full turn key solution.


Unlike many other products that are not easily recycled – storage equipment falls into a category which is. Many manufacturers have offered life time
warranties on storage equipment which shows how viable this product is long term. If we can warrant the product for life – we reuse it for life!


Our team of engineers, designers, warehouse specialists and integrators are able
to support any project of any size. The Regen Team delivered in full and on time
the complete dismantle of all 63 Masters stores throughout Australia. This being
the single largest project of its type

Unfortunately many manufacturers are focussed on the production of new materials regardless of whether there is a need for it at the time. This reality sees over supply of material and replacement of older – often, more viable material for the sake of using newly made product.


Our products and services are Australian Standard compliant and Engineered to the highest Standards!

+25% – 50%

Using recycled product is a cost benefit to the end user. The environmental benefits are also considerable.


We understand the requirement and the client expectation on when it comes to
recycling product.


Our approach to the needs of the client set us apart to many of our competors. We are a solutions driven company across the broad range of products and services that we offer. Regen Global is a market leader in this space.

Our warehousing infrastructure provides the ability to offer a more cost effective solutions to the storage of product. Our ability to store large quantities of material subsidised by our tenants within the Flexible Logistics infrastructure does provide Regen a competitive advantage with the product
it offers to the market.

Our experience has shown that warehouses often require large scale make goods with dismantles and removal of product in very
short time. The cost of handling this product is often overlooked when assessing the viabilty to recycle this equipment.

Regen has become a market leader for this reason and established itself with a large scale infrastructure to handle, store and re-sell this equipment back into the market.

Regen provides an expertise to liase with landlords, tenants or subtenants all to the mutual benefit of all parties.